Chapter 31: LOL

Chapter 31: LOL

The reason of producing the gift that we mentioned in our last blog was all about LOL. If you are a Pullip fan you’d definitely get what I mean – Doll Carnival 2011!

Who and what triggered this idea of making such a gift, I couldn’t tell as I devoted all my time to my full time job and nearly couldn’t squeeze anytime visiting the Nursery. Whenever I was there, I could only see Cody our Illustrator either cutting the masking tape, or putting on his mask, looking closely at the drawing that Kenji prepared while holding up the airbrush delicately painting on the guitar.

Time quickly flied and this time, not only Lewis but Carey & Kenji were also with me to Tokyo. The first day was a terrible rainy day that rained through the day and therefore, it was such a blessed that the next day, the day for Doll Carnival was hold, was a clear and sunny day.

Since it was hold on the same venue and I’d been there last year, this time we got there without any difficulty. Like previous year, once getting into the hall everyone would receive a welcome gift and this year was a lovely Dal notebook. By completing the questionnaire you’d also receive another bagful of gift too! First pair of dolls that got to my eyes obviously were the 2 hide dolls! hide, who passed away in 1997, was the guitarist of an important Japanese rock band called X Japan and also my all time idol! Knowing Groove is going to release the 1st version of him in the coming January 2012 already got me on for quite a while. But now seeing they’re going to release another version of him in Doll Carnival I couldn’t help but WOW out loud!

Next to hide were the 4 pretty models that were used as the spokespersons of Human use legging and socking in Korea. Other than that, there were many, many interesting sample dolls around, some of which visitor could vote for their favourite (I do hope to see the sample that I vote would come as a real release!)! Of course, the auction customs were as fabulous as ever!

Other than all these fascinating dolls, this year Groove had set up a counter for selling naked dolls and parts. From there you can also pre-order the coming release of Isul outfits, as well as getting the leggings and sockings that adopted Pullips as spokesperson.

Going up the staircase would get you to another paradise – booths full of pretty items and outfits!

Though many nice outfits were sold out in the first hour… Again, I had spent a lot! But this time I wasn’t alone as someone also did the same lol

Little Luffy had come with us this year so he also spent a bit to have a nice photo shoot too!

The second floor wasn’t just for shopping but you could also see some interesting customs!

Back to our main purpose. Since Ms. Mango Park wasn’t around yet, we took everything slowly having a very thorough walk around the show, taking photos with the settings provided and having drinks and snacks.

While it seemed that she wouldn’t be here until later that day, we went out to have a walk around Daikanyama and returned later. Still, we couldn’t meet her.

When we decided to just leave our gift and go, we met Mr. Ghostdog, representative of AGA, at the door and therefore, we asked him to take our gift for photos before we head off continuing our trip.

Thought that was the omega, it was actually an alpha of everything! About a week’s time back Kenji sent me a message urging me to read his wall on facebook for a link that he had just shared: a message from Ms. Park!

This is, till now, somewhat overwhelming. So glad that Ms. Park’s enjoying our gift!

Here I would like to take the chance to thanks, firstly, Ms. Park and her staff for this wonderful Christmas gift to us, and all the glory goes to Kenji who designed the look, Wai who arranged for the production and Cody who painted the illustration of the guitar!

Guess that, from now on, everytime when we think of this, we would definitely LOL!

For more photos, please visit:


Chapter 30: A Gift

We've been away for quite a while again! There are 2 reasons for our disappearance and the 1st one, as usual, is about our everyday work; while the 2nd one is that we’re preparing another gift for someone special:-

Clever enough to know what kind of gift is it? And to whom are we going to present this gift to?

Let's keep this little riddle on for the moment! lol Once everything is ready we'll show you more!

Chapter 29: Ekee + Virus’d = ?

In order to solve this equation, firstly we would have to define the variables!

Virus’d = well, I guess I don’t have to define this term, right?

Ekee = Evita Wong (a.k.a Ekee), a famous DJ from the Commercial Radio Hong Kong, recently debuted as a singer.

And now the answer to the equation lies below:

This custom was a one-night production by Kenji and Cody, our team’s Illustrator, for Ekee!

It all started from an invitation of a friend whom is working for the organizer of Ekee’s mini concert.

As Ekee is also a doll lover, this friend thus looked for Kenji to talk about the possibility to complete the doll in one night so that the organizer could present it to Ekee as a token of appreciation. Very obvious, Kenji & Cody took up the challenge and completed the mission nicely!

Dressed in our team’s uniform, the makeup of the doll is adopted from Ekee’s image, and from the photos you can also see the hard work that Cody had done on the box! And it seemed that Ekee is happy to have this mini version of hers too:

Hope you like it Ekee~!

Chapter 28: Dollism Plus 6

To rank Dollism Plus as the most important event for dolls in Hong Kong really isn’t exaggerating, not even a bit. Ever since the first show in 2006, the whole event started to grow larger and larger each year: firstly a small event held in outdoor with limited booths mainly from local, to nowadays a successful event occupying the whole event hall in the International Trade Center with over 100 booths from local, Mainland and even Korea. What made this year’s Dollism Plus even more special, well, obvious enough, was that our name was among those exhibitors!

As said in the previous blogs, getting the whole displays and stuff done wasn’t easy. There were too much ups and downs within. Particularly during the last 2 to 3 weeks time the whole team was like struggling from early morning, getting our own full time job done till evening time, and after work putting our heads and hands together in the Nursery to work out the settings till late night. The nearer the deadline was, the less we slept as there were too much unfinished!

Everybody met up at 10 in the venue in the morning on the day (except me as I wasn’t feeling quite right…. Guess I’d been overstretching myself too much). Firstly spending an hour to get the Gantz’s setting in place, then right after they had put all the other stuff on the right place, it’s already at noon and the show started to let the guests in. I arrived around the same time too but there were too much people lining up so I couldn’t find the right place to get in until Jerry came out to look for me. According to the rest, I had missed the scenario that people came pushing and running in like a 100 m running competition for their desire booths for those Korean BJDs like LaTi! I think I would be flabbergasted if I were there watching the whole thing.

The last few pictures were the special customs that we'd done for this show. Will introduce you more about them later in our blog.

Perhaps the organizer had allowed more exhibitors this year, the whole hall was fully packed with very little space to walk. Our line was really very packed from the beginning till the end of show!

In additional to all the displays, we had also prepared a little souvenir – special guitar picks! 2 out of the 3 styles were given out randomly by filling up our V.I.P. membership form~!

For those whom had completed the form and want to have more information in the privilege of being our V.I.P. will be receiving an E-News soon right after we get all the data sorted out. However, I can tell all of you, particularly whom would like to know about the drawing of the girl on our cards and guitar picks, that we will be launching out a story about the drawing so please stay tune to our blog! lol

Let us move on to show you more of the pretty dolls around the hall~!

So bad that many of the nice clothing were sold out very soon! Before ending this blog, here below are some 3D pictures of our Gantz display. Hoping that by using the latest technology you can also feel like you’re there with us even if you didn’t have the chance to come and visit us during the show.

This year Dollism Plus had been a very good and memorable experience for our team, and on behalf of the rest I would like to express our sincere thanks for all your help and support to us on that day! Without you guys we might not be able to get this far! Thank you very much and LOVE you all~!

For more photos please visit: http://www.fotop.net/lewis00x/2011DP6 & http://www.flickr.com/photos/kenjichappie/sets/72157627105351651/

Never End

Thought that I could quickly write up a report of Dollism Plus 6 within a week after it was hold...

I guess it's better for me to finish up my first priority task - essay due + semester end exam on the coming Monday - so that I can free up my mind and concentrate on blogging about the doll show and showing you all a bit more on the preparation parts of our displays and customs lol

Please bear with me, not only those who are interested to learn more about the day of Dollism Plus 6, but also particularly those whom have email-ed us inquiring orders for the coming releases, for the moment, I'll try to get back to all of you the soonest!!!!!

Before saying goodbye, on behalf of Virus'd I would like to give our sincere thanks to everyone whom had visited our booth on the day of Dollism Plus 6 and joined our V.I.P. membership on site. We will be sending you all our welcome E-news to explain what's special about our V.I.P. membership shortly so stay tune~!

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