Chapter 11: ThreeA HK Venture

I’d no idea on this project so perhaps it’s better to let Kenji explains it all~! Original blog in Chinese @ http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/grv0_0/article?new=1&mid=6228.

ThreeA had invited well-known illustrators Ashley Wood and Jeremy Geddes to join hands with local artist and toy designers like Kenny Wong, Colan Ho and Mak Siu Fung to have this special HK Venture Original Arts & Exclusive Toys Exhibition in Hong Kong.

And it was my honored to be invited by Kenny Wong and be the Music Director for the Grand Opening Party. The happiest thing was that not only everyone in the party was satisfied with the music, but also some honored guests of the day had approached me and discussed with me about the songs chosen. This was truly something to remember.

Back to the Exhibition, it shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is interested in illustrations, arts and toys! And if you’d ever been to the Exhibition, you’d find the Organizer has paid so much attention in details and given much effort to show visitors the best of all the master-pieces inside.

As the location was kind of hidden, ThreeA therefore had placed lots of paper soldiers to guide visitors to the venue.

Not going to show all the master-pieces here as I think it would be better to experience them in real if you have the chance. Viewing the pictures simply is not enough…

By Kenny Wong:

By Colan Ho and Mak Siu Fung:

By Ashley Wood:

By Jeremy Geddes:

Jeremy Geddes and me!

Together with Ashley Wood and also Cyclonese, the interior designer of the venue.

The little robot on the bottom left was a souvenir given to all those whom were invited to attend the Grand Opening Party and couldn’t be purchased. I’ve asked Ashley & Jeremy to sign on it and it’s now on my desk in my office for admiration…

All the goods were nearly sold out on the first day by fans and many of them were foreigners. These were the fans that queued at the front.

There should be more than 200 people in the venue that day.

A group picture of all the masters!

The most excited moment: Live Painting by all the Masters.

The completed piece. However, Ashley and Jeremy re-painted it the next day so all that left was this picture…

The organizer had also invited 2 models to be the “Tomorrow Queen” of Ashley’s work and both of them caught a lot of camera attention!

The bag was the recycle shopping bag of the Exhibition and it’s cool wasn’t it?

If you’d happened to see the word “Sold” on the tag of the drawing, that’s sold. Prices of all the art-pieces were ranged from ten thousands Hong Kong for the smallest piece to several hundred thousand Hong Kong for the biggest piece. For all that I know among the 13 pieces that Jeremy bought to Hong Kong 11 of them were already sold out during the third day of the Exhibition. Not to mention those of Ashley… Hence, this perhaps is the only chance that you can see the real piece and never more!

P.S. I know I should have translated Kenji’s Chinese blog earlier… I’ll try harder next time to blog something as wonderful as this event first~! : p





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