Chapter 32: sweet nuri

It was a Tuesday afternoon in the end of September when a notification of new message in facebook popped up on my iPhone. As I was too concentrated on my work, I wasn’t able to comprehend the message until I read it twice.

“New Project: Candy Lo Pullip Custom.”

The famous HK singer, Candy Lo?! couldn’t help but feeling overwhelmed. Following the message, Kenji explained that since his band was invited to do a recording by Candy’s boyfriend Sammy, and Sammy was greatly intrigued by the doll our friend 762 bought to the studio. Hence, the idea of customizing a Pullip with the cover image of Candy’s new album “nuri” and treat it as a token of appreciation for both of them had planted in Kenji’s mind.

Like previous projects, it happened in a sudden and, needless to say, it has to be completed in no time. After a briefing session with Kenji few nights after the message received, I had Candy’s album on my hand, contemplating what I should do with the outfit as the cover image only shows the close-up of her face.

On the weekend of the same week, I’ve tried hard to surf on the net looking for reference but in vain. Nothing that comes to my mind matches well with the image of “nuri”. Out of the blue I took Candy’s CD out and when I wanted to put it on, I realized that there’s a color feather inside the package. Instantly I was alighted and knew what to do.

The outfit was fixed within a couple of hours; however, to my utmost surprise the headpiece had spent me a whole day to get only the base done!

My shoulders and my neck were in great sore afterwards. What were left undone were the decorations of the headpiece.

Flowers were easy to fetch and I had a few spare at home that I believed would go well with the look. However, the animals around her head really caused me headache. I was totally lost in the sea of “Angry Birds” and couldn’t locate some decent birds on the market!

While I was troubled by the birds, Kenji was busy working out the makeup of the doll:

Thanks to my dear friends, without you all I probably would have ended up using Angry Bird to build the headpiece! In my desperate moment I had received lots of help and tips from friends so at last we managed to get something useful though not in the color we want. But no worries as we have Cody here, nothing about color is impossible~!

Time lapsed quickly. Another week had gone and everything’s ready.

Dared not to try my luck in cutting her silky hair short, I decided to do a braid at the back instead. Upon Kenji fixed the wooden horn on her head, I took her back home to wait for the sun.

But the rain continued for weeks and when I managed to have time and did the shooting on a cloudy evening, it was already December.

Yet another surprise came along. After I passed her back to Kenji, he told me that the doll would be making her appearance in the coming exhibition by Candy and her friends in a Gallery near Sheung Wan, which would be taking place in a few days later! Good that we had kept the box that was used in the DP show before so there’s something good for display.

The opening party was a huge event with many journalist and reporters from different TV channels, newspapers and magazines and also full of celebrities showing up! Too bad that I didn’t bring a proper camera with me as I wasn’t expected to attend the party until the last minute so had missed lots of interesting shots.

Truly another wonderful experience for our team. Hope Candy & Sammy love the doll we’d made and everyone who had visited the exhibition enjoyed meeting nuri!

For a bit more photos, please visit: http://www.fotop.net/quini/20121208nuri

Chapter 33: Seirios

Intended to skip one chapter because before Seirios we had done something but there’s really no time to sort related photos out hence couldn’t blog that yet. Also Seirios is going to make his appearance publicly soon so why not giving you all a first glance?

Surely now everyone may have some ideas about what exactly Seirios is. Proudly presenting our team’s 2013 first custom doll specially created for the coming 『 We ♥ Pullip 』 ~10th Anniversary Party~ Customized Pullip Charity Auction!


Doll concept:

One Star to bring us power when the darkness binds us.
One Star to stand up, to fight,
And to turn the transient existence into hope.
One Star to lead us to the gloryland that forever shines.

Since this time all the fund raised by the auction would go to the victims of 311 via Red Cross Japan, eventually we’ve developed the theme of the doll into a hero full of positive power supporting people in need, which is quite different from our original idea (hint for the idea that we thought: a famous fairy tale! lol)

Anyway, here on behalf of Virus’d I’d like to say thank you to Groove. Inc. for the invitation this time so that we can take part in this wonderful celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Pullip, while at the same time joining hands with others in the meaningful charity auction to raise fund for the 311 victims. Hope you all enjoy Seirios and grab this very chance to bid him home!

皆さんお久しぶり!Virus’dです。もう一度チャリティオークションに登場して、しかもプーリップ誕生10 周年記念イベントこんな記念的なときのオークションを誘ってくれて、どうもありがとうございます!Seirios が気に入ったら、ぜひ入札してください!どうぞよろしくお願い致します!

For more information about 『 We ♥ Pullip 』 ~10th Anniversary Party~, please visit: http://www.parco-art.com/web/museum/exhibition.php?id=527

Chapter 31: LOL

Chapter 31: LOL

The reason of producing the gift that we mentioned in our last blog was all about LOL. If you are a Pullip fan you’d definitely get what I mean – Doll Carnival 2011!

Who and what triggered this idea of making such a gift, I couldn’t tell as I devoted all my time to my full time job and nearly couldn’t squeeze anytime visiting the Nursery. Whenever I was there, I could only see Cody our Illustrator either cutting the masking tape, or putting on his mask, looking closely at the drawing that Kenji prepared while holding up the airbrush delicately painting on the guitar.

Time quickly flied and this time, not only Lewis but Carey & Kenji were also with me to Tokyo. The first day was a terrible rainy day that rained through the day and therefore, it was such a blessed that the next day, the day for Doll Carnival was hold, was a clear and sunny day.

Since it was hold on the same venue and I’d been there last year, this time we got there without any difficulty. Like previous year, once getting into the hall everyone would receive a welcome gift and this year was a lovely Dal notebook. By completing the questionnaire you’d also receive another bagful of gift too! First pair of dolls that got to my eyes obviously were the 2 hide dolls! hide, who passed away in 1997, was the guitarist of an important Japanese rock band called X Japan and also my all time idol! Knowing Groove is going to release the 1st version of him in the coming January 2012 already got me on for quite a while. But now seeing they’re going to release another version of him in Doll Carnival I couldn’t help but WOW out loud!

Next to hide were the 4 pretty models that were used as the spokespersons of Human use legging and socking in Korea. Other than that, there were many, many interesting sample dolls around, some of which visitor could vote for their favourite (I do hope to see the sample that I vote would come as a real release!)! Of course, the auction customs were as fabulous as ever!

Other than all these fascinating dolls, this year Groove had set up a counter for selling naked dolls and parts. From there you can also pre-order the coming release of Isul outfits, as well as getting the leggings and sockings that adopted Pullips as spokesperson.

Going up the staircase would get you to another paradise – booths full of pretty items and outfits!

Though many nice outfits were sold out in the first hour… Again, I had spent a lot! But this time I wasn’t alone as someone also did the same lol

Little Luffy had come with us this year so he also spent a bit to have a nice photo shoot too!

The second floor wasn’t just for shopping but you could also see some interesting customs!

Back to our main purpose. Since Ms. Mango Park wasn’t around yet, we took everything slowly having a very thorough walk around the show, taking photos with the settings provided and having drinks and snacks.

While it seemed that she wouldn’t be here until later that day, we went out to have a walk around Daikanyama and returned later. Still, we couldn’t meet her.

When we decided to just leave our gift and go, we met Mr. Ghostdog, representative of AGA, at the door and therefore, we asked him to take our gift for photos before we head off continuing our trip.

Thought that was the omega, it was actually an alpha of everything! About a week’s time back Kenji sent me a message urging me to read his wall on facebook for a link that he had just shared: a message from Ms. Park!

This is, till now, somewhat overwhelming. So glad that Ms. Park’s enjoying our gift!

Here I would like to take the chance to thanks, firstly, Ms. Park and her staff for this wonderful Christmas gift to us, and all the glory goes to Kenji who designed the look, Wai who arranged for the production and Cody who painted the illustration of the guitar!

Guess that, from now on, everytime when we think of this, we would definitely LOL!

For more photos, please visit:


Chapter 30: A Gift

We've been away for quite a while again! There are 2 reasons for our disappearance and the 1st one, as usual, is about our everyday work; while the 2nd one is that we’re preparing another gift for someone special:-

Clever enough to know what kind of gift is it? And to whom are we going to present this gift to?

Let's keep this little riddle on for the moment! lol Once everything is ready we'll show you more!

Chapter 29: Ekee + Virus’d = ?

In order to solve this equation, firstly we would have to define the variables!

Virus’d = well, I guess I don’t have to define this term, right?

Ekee = Evita Wong (a.k.a Ekee), a famous DJ from the Commercial Radio Hong Kong, recently debuted as a singer.

And now the answer to the equation lies below:

This custom was a one-night production by Kenji and Cody, our team’s Illustrator, for Ekee!

It all started from an invitation of a friend whom is working for the organizer of Ekee’s mini concert.

As Ekee is also a doll lover, this friend thus looked for Kenji to talk about the possibility to complete the doll in one night so that the organizer could present it to Ekee as a token of appreciation. Very obvious, Kenji & Cody took up the challenge and completed the mission nicely!

Dressed in our team’s uniform, the makeup of the doll is adopted from Ekee’s image, and from the photos you can also see the hard work that Cody had done on the box! And it seemed that Ekee is happy to have this mini version of hers too:

Hope you like it Ekee~!





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